Manisha Bhandari

Copywriter based in Gujarat, India

I strive to create stories/blogs/articles that your customers will relate to and remember for long. I also teach meditation and The Art Of Living Programs.

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Hey. This is Manisha Ishan here. An HR by education, a writer by choice.

I believe:

  • Writing should be empathetic, simple to read and understand and emotional.
  • Brands/blogs often forget to evolve a voice/personality of their own in a hurry to create "more". Slow down. Think through. Take a step back.
  • With so much of information overload online, people need to read good/real things about your brand and not just SEO or Keyword stuffed copy.

That's about how I earn ;)

Now about my "Ikigai" (My reason for getting out of the bed every morning):

  • I am a faculty with The Art Of Living Organisation since 2015 and teach The Happiness Workshops for age group 18-65years.

It's fulfilling, satisfying and a cause I can die for. CEOs, Principals, Professors, Artists, Fashion Models, students and a lot of business owners have been my students in the pursuit of a calmer, more peaceful life.


Print Ads
Story Campaigns


General Mills

Writing and HR Intern


During the two months of my internship, I was responsible for handling the Intranet of the company and editing their policies.


Management Trainee


I learnt a bit about management and HR here. Didn’t work here for long though.

Gibberish, Inc

Freelance Copywriter


Freelancing for 4 years now, I have had the fortune to write for skincare brand, mobile technology, a productivity app, corporates, blogs for a parenting website, startups and non-profits among others. That’s a good diversity!


Welingkar Institute of Management


Mumbai, India · 2011 – 2013

Happily completed my full-time Masters in Human Resources in Welingkar. My most amazing two years of study/college life.